SOUND HOLIC - Metallic Vampire [2011]

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SOUND HOLIC is a Japanese doujin music circle dedicated to making Touhou arrangements. They are known for their focus on vocal arrangements.

SOUND HOLIC - Metallic Vampire [2011]
Genre: Metal / Hard Rock
Format: MP3 | CBR | 320 Kbps
Size: 110 MB
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File name: 121111-Metallic_Vampire-2011

1. R.E.D.
2. Mystic Mistiness
3. 紅夜の黙示録
4. Native Sage
5. Scarlet Calling
6. Septuor de écarlate
7. Lævateinn
8. sweet dear Vampress
9. A.D.1884
10. Les Misérables

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