Sistar - Give It To Me 2013 CD

The summer just got hotter with Sistar releasing their second album Give It To Me. This time, the girl group is working with the hit-making Duble Sidekick team, who produced the anticipated title song and features in the opening track Miss Sistar. Indie band Geeks also feature in "The Way You Make Me Melt." Concept-wise, the girls dazzle with a sexy Moulin Rouge look.

씨스타 - Give It To Me
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2013년을 평정 할 K POP 디바, 씨스타의 귀환!
이단옆차기와 김도훈이 의기투합한 ‘GIVE IT TO ME’!
‘물랑루즈’의 디바로 변신한 씨스타의 초특급 컴백!

01. Miss Sistar(feat.이단옆차기, 주헌)
02. Give it to me
03. 넌 너무 야해 (feat.긱스) (The way you make me melt)
04. 바빠 (Bad boy)
05. Summer time
06. 일주일 (a week)
07. Crying
08. Hey you
09. If u want
10. 핑글핑글 (Up and Down)
11. Give it to me (Inst.)

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  • [2013-22-06]
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