Shibuya Angel (2006) dvdrip [Pinku]

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Shibuya Angel (2006)

Also Known As:
Year: 2006
Country: Japan
Directed by: ??
Genre: Pinku
Duration: 70 min
Language: Japanese
Subtitles: Chinese

Ayumi Kobayashi
Kato Eagle

AV talent scout Mathew is hunting porn AV actress in Shibuya. One of the AV actress Mandy disappears suddenly. Another AV actress Hebe agrees to act but she belongs to another AV production company. This is a serious mistake for an AV talent scout. One day, unfortunate Mathew meets Salina, his dream girl. When he holds her tight, his problems suddenly disappear. Is she really an angel, as she said ? At last, Mathew discovers a secret...


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