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Huxley - Blurred (AUSCD005) WEB 2014-OMA

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This is great, hope you enjoying Deep House!

Huxley - Blurred [2014] [Album]
Aus Music / AUSCD 005 / WEB
MP3 / 320

Huxley deals in rudest, deepest UK dance functions on debut album, 'Blurred' for Aus Music. Hovering around the idea of a deeper UK dance sound, he proves equally effective in a spectrum of styles under the original house umbrella, from D&B, garage and dubstep, to vocal house and rolling electro. Fresh production, smart songs, choice grooves.

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Ex Hex - Rips 2014-C4

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Ex Hex - Rips [2014] [Album]
Merge Records / MRG525 / CD
FLAC / Lossless / PERFECT
MP3 / V0 (VBR) / C4

Rips is the debut album from Mary Timony, Laura Harris, and Betsy Wright. They are a power trio hailing from Washington, DC, making the music you've been waiting for. Drums, bass, guitar, P90s, searing leads—this is unapologetic rock 'n' roll spat out in the discipline's mother tongue.

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Agnes Obel - Aventine (Deluxe Edition) 2014 2CD-JUST

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Agnes Obel - Aventine [Album]
Play It Again Sam / PIASA / 2014 Deluxe Version / CD
MP3 / V0 (VBR)

Danish singer/songwriter Agnes Obel, born Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel October 28, 1980, took up the piano at a very young age, honing her craft amidst the strains of Bartok and Chopin emanating from the fingers of her musician mother She later drew inspiration from the work of Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson, and it was between those two worlds that her own sound began to emerge. Pure, austere, and remarkably poised, the pristine mix of instrumentals and atmospheric, melancholy balladry, was both a critical and commercial success, especially in her native Denmark, where the record went double platinum.

Mr. Big - The Stories We Could Tell 2014-MTD

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Mr. Big - The Stories We Could Tell [2014] [Album]
Frontiers Records / 1066126 / CD
FLAC / Lossless / FORSAKEN
MP3 / V0 (VBR) / MTD

Mr. Big are back with their second studio album since the reunion of the original line up in 2009, the follow up to 2011's successful, WHAT IF... album. ...THE STORIES WE COULD TELL was recorded under the direction of Pat Regan (Deep Purple, KISS, Warrant, Keel).

Susan Boyle - Hope 2014-C4

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Susan Boyle - Hope [2014] [Album]
Syco Music / Columbia Records / CD
FLAC / Lossless / PERFECT
MP3 / V0 (VBR) / C4

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