Might and Magic X Legacy Update 1-RELOADED

Huge size update Might & Magic X - Legacy Update and Patch 1 by Ubisoft

We try to keep the number of large sized update releases to a minimum. This one fixes a significant amount of bugs. You'll be seeing more of these with the trend of games being released in a pre-beta state

Check the included .txt file for a list of what's fixed. Sample of what has been added

New Content:
- 3 new dungeons
- Exclusive Dream Dungeon
- Community Dungeon
- Limbo Dungeon

- 16:10 resolutions are now available with UI accordingly updated
- Hint for texture details option is added in game (it still only configurable in the main menu)
- Asian language fonts are now only loaded if needed (memory improvement
- Reduced the amount of path-finding calculations per monster each turn (caused performance issues on certain places in the world map)

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Might and Magic X Legacy
  • [2014-21-02]
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