How to Use the Internet (8th Edition)

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How to Use the Internet (8th Edition)
Publisher: Que | 2002-08-23 | ISBN: 0789728133 | PDF | 272 pages | 55.14 MB

Millions of people use the Internet to learn, work, shop, and play. How to Use the Internet, 8th Edition is the complete step-by-step and visual solution to learning how to get connected and use the Internet quickly and easily for new and inexperienced users. It serves as a visual step-by-step guide that quickly and easily points them in the right direction: how to choose the best online connection, how to use the built-in Internet tools, and how to expand their knowledge and abilities using the World Wide Web. This book covers such topics as setting up a high-speed Internet connection, communicating with e-mail, protecting the computer from viruses, and listening to audio and viewing video over the Internet.


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