Canone Inverso - Making Love (2000) DVDRip XviD-CRAZyD

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Canone Inverso - Making Love (2000)

DVDRip | AVI | English | 107 min | 608x256 | XviD - 1875 Kbps | AC3 5:1 - 448 Kbps | 1,37 GB
Genre: Drama, Music | Country: Italy

Costanza is drinking a beer in a Prague pub, a summer night in 1968, while a violinist enters and starts playing a "canone inverso" for her. It is not a case, that music and that violin have a story behind that could concern her. It is the love story between Jeno Varga and the music, between Jeno and Sophie. It is also the friendship story with David on the background of WWII and the 'Prague spring' 25 years later. Music and Love the most powerful link that could resist through the time.

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